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Mata Leon Kimonos
Welcome to Mata Leon Kimonos. Our goal is to supply for the BJJ practitioners & lovers around Europe. Our designs are simple, but classy and clear. On the mat we don’t need to look flashy. It’s the place to sweat, bleed and give all your heart and breath! Just like the lion gave out her last breath at Hercules’ arms. That’s where the name “Mata Leon Kimonos” comes from.
We are a couple of friends who met through Jiu Jitsu and developed strong bonds just like you are developing with your training partners, brothers and sisters. Because we have been training for several years and have experienced many kinds and different brands of Gis, we know exactly how you should feel while training or competing. That’s how we decided to make the brand Mata Leon Kimonos. We gave out all our experience, knowledge and love to make all of us the finest Gi. We hope you enjoy it. Thanks for visiting our site. 
– King of Kimonos– Mata Leon Kimonos.
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